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99: Pocket Card Jockey

We’re rubbing the Giddyap button this week with hybrid solitaire and horse racing game Pocket Card Jockey, the surprise 3DS release from Pokémon developers Game Freak. Links for this episode: Pocket Card Jockey for Nintendo... Read More
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98: Reigns

This week we’re swiping right on Reigns, a kingdom management interactive fiction game with a Tinder inspired interface. This clever twist on the Choose Your Own Adventure style has turned out to be a surprise... Read More
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97: Abzû

This week we’re exploring the ocean of Abzu, the first game from Journey art director Matt Nava’s Giant Squid Studios. We loved Journey so naturally we were eager to play the game some have called... Read More
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96: Quadrilateral Cowboy

Quadrilateral Cowboy is the long awaited new game from Brendan Chung and Blendo Games. Its precursor Thirty Flights of Loving was a brief, carefully edited story of crime and romance, but felt like more of... Read More
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95: Streets of Rage 2

We’re looking back to the 90s this week as we discuss Sega Genesis brawler Streets of Rage 2. Links for this episode: Streets of Rage 2 on Steam 3D Streets of Rage 2 for Nintendo... Read More
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94: Inside

The latest (second) game from Limbo developers Playdead games is finally here. Inside initially seems like more Limbo; a puzzle platformer. A mysterious, unsettling story told wordlessly, featuring a young boy exploring a spooky environment.... Read More

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