Like games? Want to play a lot of them? The Short Game is a podcast celebration of video game storytelling and craft, in video games you’ll actually finish! We choose one great, short game per week, and discuss it in depth.  Join us weekly!

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145: Florence

The first game from Mountains, a new “craft games” studio headed by Ken Wong (lead designer of Monument Valley), Florence is best described as an interactive graphic novel set to music. It’s a beautifully illustrated... Read More
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144: Celeste

Celeste is the second game from Towerfall developer MattMakesGames, which this time is Matt Thorson (Towerfall), collaborator Noel Berry (Skytorn), and friends. Nominally a game about climbing a mountain, Celeste is a difficult story-driven platformer... Read More
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143: Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator’s title says it all—you play a hot dad that gets to date other hot dads. 😍 As soon as it was released in July 2017, Dream Daddy stormed to... Read More
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142: Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club has been suggested by more Short Game listeners than any game since Undertale. On the surface it’s a moe anime themed visual novel dating sim, but just under the surface is... Read More
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141: Gorogoa

Here’s a fascinating and beautiful little puzzle game that’s almost impossible to describe with words alone, but we’re going to give it our best shot. Gorogoa is a game many years in the making. It’s... Read More
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140: Game of the Year 2017

Join us as we finally put 2017 out of its misery! It was a great year for games, if nothing else, and we’re rounding up our favorite short- and non-short-games of 2017. Our Game(s) of... Read More

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