This week we discuss Terry Cavanagh’s indie gaming masterpiece VVVVVV. Inspired by the Commodore 64 generation of games, this game presents a tough challenge to even the most experienced gamer, while still clocking in at a descent length. Clever level design and a great focused game mechanic make this game shine.

The game is available:
Steam for Mac, PC, and Linux – $4.99
Direct from Develper DRM free for Mac, PC, and Linux – $4.99 (or $7.50 with the soundtrack)
From the Nintendo 3DS eShop
Coming soon for several other platforms including PSVita, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Ouya

Expect the game to take between 2 to 4 hours to complete depending on your skill level and willingness to persevere against sometimes absurd difficulty.

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There is no spoiler break for this episode, as we all concurred that there wasn’t really that much story to spoil.

Correction: Raygan stated that the game was available on the Humble Store but this is not the case. It was previously included in a Humble Bundle but it is only available through Steam and DRM Free through the developer’s website, sold using the Humble Widget. We regret the error.

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