IFComp, the annual interactive fiction competition, has come to a close and we’re discussing the results. How did your favorites do?

We covered many of the games in this year’s competition in our two earlier episodes:

IFComp 2016 Results

Main Voting

5th Place: 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds by Abigail Corfman
4th Place: Stone Harbor by Liza Daly
3rd Place: Cactus Blue Motel by Astrid Dalmady
2nd Place: Color the Truth by mathbrush
1st Place: Detectiveland by Robin Johnson

Miss Congeniality

3rd Place: Detectiveland by Robin Johnson
2nd Place: Fair by Hanon Ondricek
1st Place: Inside the Facility by Arthur DiBianca

Golden Banana of Discord

A Time of Tungsten by Devin Raposo

Links of note:
Spider and Web by Andrew Plotkin
Golden Banana of Discord trophy

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