Guest host Jupiter Hadley joins us to discuss the Ludum Dare 38. Ludum Dare is a game jam/competition where game developers attempt to create a game from scratch in 48 (or 72) hours. Jupiter brings her expertise and a long list of picks from the almost 3000 games made for this year’s jam.

[02:32] What is a game jam?
[04:04] What is Ludlum Dare?
[13:04] Honey Home
[16:09] Smalltrek
[18:39] Paisley Princess
[21:10] Krilgore
[26:34] Snowed In
[27:50] Super Kaiju Dunk City
[29:49] The Treachery of Game Dev
[33:44] Plonet Atek
[37:29] Floraison

[40:02] Rapid fire

Murder 38 – Episode One: A Small World
Ant Detective
The Deep
Until Tomorrow
Petty Puny Planet 38
A Mind Is A Small Place
Miniature Underwater Polo
Brainstorm 38
The Cashbags Man
Tiny Tony

Jupiter Hadley:

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