We’re a little late getting this out, but we’re wrapping up our IFComp 2017 coverage with a discussion of the comp as a whole, the top 10 games, and discussions of a few games that we didn’t cover in our earlier episodes.

Our IFComp 2017 Coverage
134: Intro to IFComp
135: IFComp 2017 pt. 1
136: IFComp 2017 pt. 2

The Top Ten:
The Wizard Sniffer by Buster Hudson
Eat Me by Chandler Groover
Harmonia by Liza Daly
Will Not Let Me Go by Stephen Granade
Absence of Law by mathbrush
The Owl Consultsby Thomas Mack, Nick Mathewson, and Cidney Hamilton
A Beauty Cold and Austere by Mike Spivey
1958: Dancing With Fear by Victor Ojuel
Future Threads by Xavid
Domestic Elementalism by fireisnormal

Also Mentioned:
Violet by Jeremy Freese – 1st place IFComp 2008 and former highest score
Queer In Public: A Brief Essay by Norbez
Alice Aforethought by Hanon Ondricek
Swigian by mathbrush (as Rainbus North)

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