Into the Breach is the second game by FTL developer Subset Games. FTL was the focus of the fifth episode of this podcast, way back in May of 2014,and has been a major obsession for all of us (but especially Nate) ever since. This time, Subset has taken on the tactical strategy genre, but their take is one of the most streamlined and cleverly designed games in the history of the genre.

We are joined this week by guest host Sandy Bledsoe, managing partner of Houston gaming tavern Coral Sword, who has spent the time since the game’s release streaming Into the Breach on Coral Sword’s Twitch channel. We discuss the game’s unique mechanics, and try to avoid constant comparisons to FTL. Stick around after the spoiler break at [01:03:17] for in depth strategy talk.

Into the Breach is available for Windows via Steam, Humble, and GOG for $14.99. As a (somewhat) roguelike-inspired game, each battle is short and each run takes around 30-45 minutes, but the game is meant to be re-played for advancement and progression. For Mac users, the DRM free versions of the game (via Humble or GOG) run just fine via WINE. Use tools like WineBottler to install.

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