In Minit, you are cursed to die (and be reborn) every 60 seconds. This makes solving puzzles and Zelda-like action challenges a bit more interesting. The game was developed by a four person team consisting of Jan Willem Nijman (co-founder of Vlambeer), Kitty Calis (who most recently worked on Horizon Zero Dawn), Jukio Kallio (composer), and Dominik Johann (art director of Crows Crows Crows) and published by Devolver Digital.

We loved this breezy action-adventure-puzzle game for its clever minimalism, exciting pace, and manageable length. Expect the game to take about 3 hours to complete, with room for re-plays and a new game plus mode. Minit is available for $9.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac/Linux. See the official site for links to purchase.

[00:42:50] The all new “What’s making you happy this week?” segment (name pending!):

[00:52:52] Spoiler Break

After the spoiler break we discuss specific puzzles, places we got stuck, and the ending of the game.

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