Continuing on with our coverage of IFComp (the Interactive Fiction Competition) we’re back with brief impressions of 11 more games from this year’s whopping 55 entries. Be sure to check out Episode 61 for more games and some background on IFComp.

IFComp 2015 Games Covered in This Episode

  • Untold Riches by Jason Ermer
  • Unbeknown by A. DeNiro
  • The Baker of Shireton by Hanon Ondricek
  • Taghairm by Chandler Groover
  • SPY INTRIGUE by furkle
  • Grandma Bethlinda’s Variety Box by Arthur DiBianca
  • Ether by Mathbrush
  • Duel by piato
  • The King and the Crown by Wes Lesley
  • Forever Meow by Moe Zilla
  • A Figure Met in a Shaded Wood by Michael Thomet

Click Here for Download/Play Online links for all 2015 IFComp games

Correction: We described Solarium, by Alan DeNiro, from the 2013 IFComp, as a parser game. It is in fact a Twine game like his 2015 entry.

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