Raygan Kelly (@raygank) is the founder of The Short Game. He owns the domain, and therefore his word is law! Raygan is a podcaster, a certified Apple trainer, and a work-from-home support drone. Most importantly, he is the proud owner of a Steam account, two thumbs, and a microphone.

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Shane Kelly (@8bitShane) is a lover of video games and tabletop games, comic books, and all things Apple. When he isn’t playing or podcasting about video games, he can be found editing video and teaching others to do the same. (Editors note: Shane is Raygan Kelly’s inferior clone. He’s also a pretty good dungeon master.)


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Nate Heininger (@NateSTL) lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. Besides being a part of The Short Game, he runs Talking About Birds, a podcast about the St. Louis Cardinals. He also plays drums and keyboards in this weird hipster band called Bear Hive. Nate takes pizza very seriously.



Bio Circle LauraLaura Nash (@laurajnash) is a curious lady. As a game designer (formerly at Cricket Moon Media), she’s the only one on the show with any real credentials. She spends her days as a UX designer and her long, cold commutes playing games on iOS. She is also an avid tabletop and role-playing gamer, and her writing has appeared on the The Learned Fangirl and in the web series Space Happens. Laura lives in Chicago, IL.