Show Structure diagram

The Short Game is an appreciation of great storytelling and craft in short video games, and sometimes that means talking about specifics of a video games plot.

We want our show to be a great resource, both for people who want to discover short but excellent games they might have missed, and for people who have already played the games and want an in depth discussion of the finer points of the game’s design and and structure.

We think the best way to enjoy the show is by playing the along with us, which is why we will always announce our topics as far in advance as possible. You can check the home page for our next episode, and follow our blog for other updates. If you skip an episode, our Episodes page is designed to help you browse our past catalog, and we hope each episode will always be relevant, in any order.

If you haven’t played the game and prefer to avoid spoilers, that’s cool! We will always do our best to divide the show into a spoiler-free first half where we discuss the game without discussing details of the plot, and a later half where we go into detail about the design decisions, plot points, and other elements that made the game stand out. We will let you know when this spoiler break happens and we will do our best to make sure you get a good experience if you want to listen to the first part, stop the episode, and come back to it later once you’ve tried the game.