We have a release date!

Tuesday, April 15th

This pre-launch welcome episode is just mainly a way to allow you the listeners to subscribe to the show in advance, and so that we can make sure that our feed is working. Subscribe to us in your favorite podcast app!

We are waiting for our show to be listed in iTunes, but you can already subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app (feed link). I like InstacastDowncast is pretty good too, and I hear Pocket Casts is good on Android. The (free!) Apple Podcasts app is pretty solid too.

We’re a new show without an established audience, so if you like the show we’d love it if you’d share our show with your friends, wherever you usually share stuff. We’ve got a Facebook page, and we enthusiastically accept and respond to feedback on Twitter.

Shane, Nate, and I are really excited to share this with you. Our inaugural episode is on the break out indie hit of 2013, Gone Home, a game that in two short hours became my favorite game of 2013. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

-Raygan (@raygank)

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