We apply Big Data (okay, an Excel spreadsheet) to all 434 games played or mentioned in our 100 episode run, in an effort to answer the cocktail party question “Oh you have a video game podcast? What should I play?”

We’ve painstakingly catalogued all 434 games mentioned on the show (thanks Laura!) and broken them down into several categories, and ranked them not necessarily on what’s best, but based on what we’d recommend to a friend. We also re-explore what The Short Game is all about, and why we’re still at it after 100 episodes.

Rather than list every game mentioned in this episode in the show notes, here’s a link to our Google Docs outline for the episode which lists everything we mentioned and then some. If you’re interested, here’s our spreadsheet listing every game we’ve mentioned on the show and which episodes they were mentioned on.

This episode includes chapter markers in Overcast and other podcast apps that support chapterized MP3s.

On a personal note, thanks for listening. This show has been a huge force for good in my life and a big part of that has been the incredible interactions I’ve had with listeners. –Raygan

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