This week we are exploring the insanely varied world of indie game marketplace Each of our hosts spent $5 on itch and played two or three games from a variety of vibrant micro-indie creators.

If you’re not familiar with, it’s most easily summed up as “bandcamp for video games.” Anyone can post their work on Itch and create a custom store page to tell their story. Creators set prices, from zero to whatever they like, and everything works as a “suggested donation” so you can pay whatever you like above the creator-set minimum. It’s a great place for developers to share and sell their work, especially for games that might be too niche to get through a system like Steam Greenlight. Itch also does a wonderful job of fostering a community by featuring a parade of interesting stuff on their homepage and twitter account.

We discuss a bunch of games this week. We have gathered them together into a collection that you can view on itch.

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