The fourth game in the Call of Juarez series is its first download-only title. Gunslinger follows Silas Greaves, an over-the-top bounty hunter, whose narration carries the show and whose quest for vengeance drives the plot.

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Gunslinger was overlooked by many because its predecessor in the series, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, was so poorly received. In 2013, it was also unusual for a large publisher like Ubisoft to release a game in a download-only format, and many took this as a statement on the game’s quality. The game was well received, however, with many positive reviews.

Gunslinger combines the pervasive, unreliable narrator of a game like Bastion with reliably fun arcade-style shooting style and a story straight out of an old west dime novel. It’s a ton of fun.

Expect the game to take about 5 hours to complete.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is available for the following platforms:

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