Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP celebrated its 5th anniversary recently, and we’re looking back at its art and influence. If you missed this game when it first launched on the iPad now is a great time to play it as it has since launched on iPhone, Android, and Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux.) Put on your best headphones and settle in for a memorable groove experience.

SS&S EP is an unconventional point and click adventure game with a focus on music and mood. Art is by Superbrothers (Craig D. Adams) with music by Jim Guthrie and game design by Capy Games.

Expect the game to take about 4 hours to complete. A moon-phase mechanic means some in game events can only be completed when the moon is in certain real-life phases, but this can be skipped without cheating by altering the moon phase at the “Moon Grotto.” It costs about $5 and was included in Humble Bundle V.

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