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131: Tacoma

Fullbright’s followup to Gone Home finally arrived last month, and we’re floating in to investigate. Tacoma is a sci-fi exploration/narrative storytelling game set aboard a moon-orbiting space station 70 years in the future. You play... Read More
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130: Subsurface Circular

Bithell Beyonce-ed us! Mike Bithell, creator of Short Game favorites Thomas Was Alone and Volume, surprised us with an unexpected release, and it’s incredibly up our alley. Subsurface Circular is a two-hour text adventure game... Read More
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129: Pyre

This episode originally went live with out-of-sync audio. If you got that version please delete and re-download. Sorry! Supergiant’s third game is finally here, and it’s… a sports game? In Pyre, you lead a band... Read More
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128: Board Game to Video Game Ports

Laura and Nate discuss a category of games near and dear to them both, board games that have made their way to digital platforms, especially iOS. Huge link dump for this episode: Board Game Ports... Read More
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127: Card Thief & Missile Cards

This week we’re shuffling together two different card-based mash-up games on iOS. Card Thief is a stealthy dungeon crawl in card form, and Missile Cards takes Atari Missile Command and reimagines it as a tense... Read More
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126: Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a side scrolling puzzle-platform-horror-action game by frequent Media Molecule collaborator Tarsier Studios. It’s the first major independent work developed by the Swedish developers, whose catalog most notably includes side content for the... Read More

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